by Robyn Carr

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2657-1
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Mass Market Paperback

It is my belief that it takes a very special, rare talent to write a long running series, and keep their readers clamoring for more, and more, and even more still. Robyn Carr has that unique talent, and showcases it once again with her February release Temptation Ridge.

Temptation Ridge takes readers back to the beloved town of Virgin River and its friendly inhabitants who are always willing to pull another chair to the table, or perhaps a new stool up to Jackís Bar.

This time there are two newcomers, one is Shelby McIntyre the generalís niece and the other is Luke Riordan, another retired service personnel. The sparks between Shelby and Luke are instant and one canít help but hope that theyíll end up together. However, if all went smoothly for the couple there wouldnít be a good story with a satisfying ending. Naturally Ms. Carr has to make them strong, determined characters who believe in being goal orientated, and letting nothing stop them from attaining those goals...but wait...what happens if love interferes? Well, for that youíll need to read Temptation Ridge and find out.

While Shelby and Luke are finding the foundation for a love that might last a lifetime, the rest of the residents of Virgin River are not forgotten. As Iíve said many times it takes a talented writer to revisit past characters without allowing them to become the primary character in the current story, and Ms. Carr does this flawlessly.

Now, I feel I must warn readers that there will be one moment in the story where they might go NO!!!! However, donít throw the book against the wall, keep reading, because as we know for everything there is a reason, and Ms. Carr has beautifully given us a reason worth cheering for.

I donít keep books as a general rule and for sure I donít reread them. However, the Virgin River books are making me seriously rethink this idea.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Sandi.

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