by Patricia Briggs

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0441016761
Reviewer Graphic Button Ace Books

The Mercy Thompson series continues with Bone Crossed, the fourth installment in this series. Only one week has passed since Mercy’s rape and she’s still suffering from panic attacks. Adam is very supportive and caring, taking his time in letting her get used to his nearness and touch. While she might not be quite ready for sex, Mercy does make a decision about becoming Adam’s mate.

Mercy may have flown under the radar for a lot of years, but now she seems to constantly find herself in the middle of one problem or another. Marsilia, the local Vampire Queen, makes a threat towards Mercy, and she worries more for Adam and her other friends than she does for herself. When an old acquaintance from college shows up and asks for her help, Mercy doesn’t know if she should be suspicious of the timing, or if leaving town for a bit would keep her friends safe.

Amber, her college friend, claims her house is haunted and hopes Mercy might be able to make it go away. While she’s always been able to see ghosts, Mercy has absolutely no idea how to make them disappear. She definitely finds evidence of a ghost, and despite its aggressiveness, she soon realizes it’s the least of her problems. A vampire has been feeding on Amber and Mercy urges her to take her family away from there immediately. Mercy also feels an acute threat to herself and hurries home to Adam and his pack.

Once home, Mercy gets caught up in vampire politics as she and Stefan try to figure a way to get Marsilia to leave her – and hers – alone. She’s also trying to adjust to her new status as Adam’s mate and the new connection that result. Not being a werewolf doesn’t exactly endear her to some of the other members of the pack, but Mercy is willing to put up with their disdain in order to be with Adam. She just hopes to live long enough to do so.

Bone Crossed is a terrific addition to this series as well as to the Urban Fantasy genre itself. It is filled with action that makes this story a real page turner, and fans will thrill to see Mercy and Adam’s relationship continue to develop. Cheers!

Reviewed in January 2009 by Jackie.

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