by Liz Wolfe

February 2009
ISBN: 978-1934755068
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

Although raised to be a thief by her father, Zoe Alexander chose the right side of the law and works for Parker Security and Investigation. When word that The Dominican Order is back and needs a master thief, Zoe knows she’s perfect for the job, even if she hasn’t had extensive field training. She sets her self up to gain their notice and, once they do, finds herself stealing documents from both private homes and museums. Despite being stuck with a partner, Zoe tries to photograph the items she’s stealing so her superiors can try and figure out what these terrorists are hoping to build.

Drake Leatherman and his team are captured and tortured by members of The Order. Drake is the only one allowed to survive because his former military commander believes he can get Drake on their side. And that’s what Drake lets them believe, while his goal is to try and rescue his commander who has obviously been brain washed by these lunatics. Drake is set up as Zoe’s handler since he’s the most familiar with certain members of The Order. But can he truly be trusted or is his allegiance to his commander more important to him?

Traveling from the United States to Italy, and eventually to Switzerland, Zoe struggles with her recently discovered knowledge that the mother she was told had died in childbirth is actually alive and living in Italy. She doesn’t need the distraction, but she is unable to resist the opportunity to confront her mother and find out why she left her all those years ago.

The action takes a little while to build up while the multitudes of characters are introduced in the first few chapters. While it may feel overwhelming, the names eventually become clear and the different groups and agendas are ultimately revealed. Once the action truly starts, it doesn’t stop and readers will be very hard pressed to put the book down if necessary.

While usually a proponent for reading a series in order, I don’t think it’s necessary in this case. A few of the names would seem more familiar but all in all this is a great stand alone book. However I would suggest reading the previous books if for no other reason than because they were excellent reads.

One warning: readers who prefer a lot of romance with their suspense might be disappointed, but to be fair to the author, this book is labeled as suspense, not romantic suspense. Yet there is still an underlying romance weaved through each book in this series.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Jackie.

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