by Cynthia Eden

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2604-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Cara Firon is a succubus and she is sick of it. She has had it with the often selfish nature of her powers. She feeds off of her lovers leaving them satisfied but drained . . . and sometimes addicted to her special bedroom skills. When one of her former lovers winds up dead, the evidence leads Atlanta detective Todd Brooks straight to her. The victimís body shows a disturbing lack of wounds; a succubus can drain the life from their victim. Everything points to another succubus being a killer but how can she tell the very human, very handsome detective Brooks that he is looking for a monster.

Todd Brooks knows there are monsters hiding in his city. Hell, he saw his partner shift into a fanged, furred killing machine. That gorgeous Cara Firon is one is a stretch but there certainly is some powerful magic or something that could explain his nearly overwhelming desire to get her naked and sweaty in his bed suspect or not.

However, it soon becomes obvious that the police are being lead to Cara for a reason. Someone or something has Cara in its sights and she will have to trust Todd to keep her safe.

Decadently delicious, Midnight Sins is brain candy to the extreme. Cynthia Eden is fast becoming a paranormal favorite. Her characters may have unusual talents and some cases may not even be from this realm but they have normal human concerns and desires. They are engaging, striking individuals whose personal struggles are not unlike our own. I canít wait for the next glimpse into the paranormal realms she creates. Enjoy!

Reviewed in February 2009 by Cynthia.

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