by Linda Fallon

January 2003
ISBN: 0--8217-7431-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

It’s the year 1885. When Lucien Thorpe, one of the premier spirit releasers of America, arrives on what he believes to be a routine ghost-cleansing mission at a charming cottage, he’s surprised to find his ex-fiancée Eve Abernathy opening its door. Because after the way he’d jilted her at the altar, Eve had never forgiven him nor maintained any sort of contact with him. However, Eve is all business. She’d recently purchased the cottage that later turned out to be haunted, by not one but two ghosts! As Eve had long been a paranormal phenomenon documentarian, she’s too used to such stuff to get scared or terrified of mere ghosts. However, her ghosts are no ordinary ones. The ghosts belong to a couple and it’s rumored that on Halloween night the husband Alistair discovered his wife Viola’s infidelity and in a fit of rage, murdered her and then later killed himself. As Halloween comes nearer, the ghosts who were at the beginning mere blobs of glowing lights, have begun to take on definite human forms and now they can now be seen as well heard and they’re stuck repeating the events of that fateful night (which includes a lot of lovemaking!) for eternity, unless someone like Lucien can help them cross over to the other side.

Lucien is the grown up version of the boy in that movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ who sees ‘dead people’. After coming to know of his gift even his own mother feared him and he’s long used to a society which has snubbed, ridiculed, ostracized and beaten him up, all because of his unusual talents. Which is why he’s more comfortable dealing with the dead than the living. Eve’s cottage with its resident ghosts provides him with yet another interesting paranormal challenge, however his passionate feelings towards Eve, never dormant for long, begin to interfere with his work. Eve, for all her injured feelings, is still in love with this absentminded genius, and soon her longing to be normal and ordinary, like people everywhere, is warring with her desire for the most abnormal Lucien. Eve and Lucien’s growing feelings towards each other soon begin to haunt them as surely and restlessly as the supernatural beings that haunt the cottage. Soon these two are well involved in trying to set free the ghosts of the dead couple, which is when they come across a surprising mystery!

Linda Fallon has outdone herself in this book! Not only is ‘Shades of Midnight’ one of the most poignant love stories I’ve read, but also one of the sexiest ones as well! Lucien is a very interesting character as he sees what few of us do – the spirits of the dead! His unusual talents, his troubled past and how it has shaped him will wring heartfelt sympathy for him from the readers, while his tendency to blush at the slightest excuse makes him appear all the more adorable! His talents are formidable and his ghost-detecting equipment, like the Specter-o-Meter, are reminiscent of the movie ‘Ghostbusters’. And through him, Linda Fallon has accurately described the violent ways in which society expresses its distrust and fear of what is beyond the normal, beyond ordinary human perception. Eve is a woman ahead of her time with her documentation of supernatural activity; her courage and sensitivity make her greatly interesting as well as appealing. The chemistry between the two of them is electrifying, to say the least, and the erotic contents make the pages sizzle. And since the ghosts are also involved in a similar activity, the temperature of the book keeps soaring! The ghosts also add their own bit of drama, pathos and love to the story and increase the interest factor in this book.

Ms. Fallon has perfectly blended the varied ingredients of love, sex, humor, mystery, action and the supernatural in this book and as a result, ‘Shades of Midnight’ is an irresistible, hot and engrossing read!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Rashmi.

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