by Mary Taffs

May 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-378-0
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Trade Paperback

More Than Magick (spelled with a K) is the ‘stand-alone’ sequel to EPPIE 2003 Finalist Magick. Mary Taffs has created a fascinating world of magic, priestesses, healers, mages, and a Goddess. Readers loved the introduction of Diana and Win in the first book, their ‘road-to-romance’ a rocky, dangerous path where love finally triumphed over the evil that sought to destroy them. It’s wonderful to be able to re-visit them in this new adventure that takes place approximately two months later.

Diana’s life has been turned upside down ever since learning that she has the rare gift of magick that makes her the first ‘true’ Adept in over 200 years. Although she is the Lifemate of Win and they have Bonded, Diana is still left struggling to accept her new life in the Oregon-based ‘Stronghold Balance’. She’s not yet willing to accept the religion that worships the Goddess as a creator of everything. Her inner struggles keep her confused about accepting this new way of life so completely different from the way she grew up.

Meanwhile, Lifemate Win is rising to the seat of power he has longed for so long - to be a Guardian, a powerful, magical individual who is responsible for a certain area of the world and its inhabitants. Diana’s wrestle with her beliefs is causing Win a lot of concern. Their love is strained with both of them following different paths. Their bond is about to be tested.

Evil once again surfaces. A kidnapping, and a dire emergency with a Stronghold Balance that has lost its secure protection from outsiders, sends Win and Diana on a path of danger that just might destroy them both before they discover the answers and defeat the Evil that is so determined to destroy ALL that they are.

Will Diana and Win find the answers, win the battle, and strengthen their love despite it all? Will Diana finally learn the true, unbreakable, eternal force of being a Lifemate? Will she accept all that her life now is?

In a fast, action-packed story, Ms. Taffs has penned another unique, wonderful tale of the classic “Good versus Evil”. Her characters are so real - suffering the same problems in life that most of us do. Even though a Fantasy plot, it’s so easy for a reader to fall immediately into the story because it’s still here in the present world. Though the story revolves around the fight against the Evil, there is still a lot of growing - both mentally and physically - that Diana and Win must work through. Readers will no doubt label this book a ‘keeper’ right next to its predecessor!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Kari.

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