by Maureen Child

January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22576-4
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Mass Market Paperback

Maggie Donovan just wants to break up with her boyfriend like any other normal woman. Unfortunately, when she arrives at his office she discovers that Joe is being a woman with a tail! Maggie is scared out of her wits, but manages to vanquish the demon only to have some kind of dust settle all over her body. Her day is certainly not off to a great start and it only gets more complicated when a Fae warrior named Culhane shows up at her home to tell her Maggie has a destiny to defeat the Faery Queen, Mab. Yikes! Maggie has enough problems maintaining her painting business and watching her twelve-year-old niece. There is no way she can be the warrior Culhane is searching for.

Thus begins Maggie’s adventures in the Otherworld. It is definitely not easy for Maggie to accept that she has a huge destiny awaiting her. She resists as much as possible and sometimes her denial becomes tiresome. At the same time, I found myself sympathizing with her anger and nerves at this sudden twist of fate! Who wants to be handed the responsibility of saving an entire race of people?

This story was at times slow-moving and over the top in wackiness, while in other parts of the story, Maureen Child did a good job of delving into the conflicting relationship developing between Maggie and Culhane, who has several secrets of his own. I also enjoyed the glimpses into Otherworld, with its very imaginative setting.

Maureen Child has tackled a popular paranormal subgenre, fairies, and she does so with some clichés and with some original nuances of her own. Also, there was an overabundance of characters in this story which took away from some of the seriousness of the fight Maggie is facing. However, this is a rather entertaining story nonetheless. I am interested to see what challenges Maggie will face in the next story.

Reviewed in December 2008 by Sarah.

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