by Christine Poe

February 2003
ISBN: 1-59088-838-3
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Trade Paperback

Taking the classic ‘Love the Second Time Around’ theme, Christine Poe has penned a beautiful, passionate love story that proves you’re never too old to find a love that will last forever.

Georgette (Etta) Jones is an author, and a widow raising three children. The last thing she’s looking for is to fall in love again. She feels she’s past that point in her life and is ready to be content with her career, and taking care of her children. Luckily, Fate (and with a bit of help from friends!) is ready to change her mind. Attending a concert with a friend, circumstances bring Etta into contact with the sexy, country music star Colt Ryder. Feeling foolish, Etta hopes Colt doesn’t realize her attraction to him. Etta has a secret: she’s used Colt as a replica for every one of her heroes in her many books! Finally meeting him in person sends her reeling!

Colt Ryder is a hero that women dream of, desire, and fantasize about. When he meets Etta he is surprised and instantly attracted to her. Falling in love with her happens quickly. What follows is the rocky path to ‘happiness-ever-after’ as Colt tries everything to convince Etta that they belong together, even becoming the mysterious admirer ‘Don Quixote’.

Along with Etta’s misgivings about falling in love again at her age, and with an incredible man like Colt, her children are an obstacle. Two of them are happy about Colt. But, son BJ is determined not to let Colt into their lives, afraid he’ll try to replace his father.

As the weeks pass, and Etta and Colt fall deeper in love, Colt finds way to get past all those obstacles - in the most endearing way. Using her books as a guide, he romances Etta in all those ways she’s fantasized about.

Ahh! What a beautiful, passionate romance! Ms. Poe’s ability to bring out her characters so that readers can identify with them makes reading her books all the more enjoyable. What woman can’t find herself in Etta’s shoes, fighting inner turmoil, and aching over a love she feels shouldn’t be? And, Colt... well, let’s just say he’s one of those heroes that steals your heart and makes you dream of in hopes of one day finding a sexy, endearing, compassionate and passionate guy like him! This is a book that will have its special ‘keeper’ status, and will definitely be read again! A ‘Must Not Miss’!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Kari.

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