by Sharron McClellan

March 2003
ISBN: 1-893896-88-9
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Trade Paperback

A new voice has arrived in the Paranormal Romance genre. Sharron McClellan’s The Given is an intriguing story with multifaceted characters, a world of magic, religion, warriors, and adventure. Most of all, it’s about the love that claims the hero and heroine with eternal bonds. It’s about a Quest that takes them through many trials, both emotionally and physically, and then finally leads them home... together.

Aria is a ‘Trancer’, living in a community of the Goddess with other Trancers. In order to obtain her final progress into becoming a ‘Given’, she will mate with a Warrior for one night, initiating her into womanhood. Her telepathic and empathic abilities are strong, and the mating brings an unexpected surprise when the two ‘bond as one’ - something Warriors are not allowed to do. When her Warrior leaves the next day, Aria is changed. And pregnant.

Talon is a Warrior Priest - strong, brave, seemingly invincible. The unexpected ‘bonding’ with Aria leaves him stunned. He wasn’t prepared to be so attached to his chosen ‘Given’, and leaves the next day with mixed feelings. He never realizes Aria is pregnant.

Death strikes in the form of the ‘Reapers’ who attack the Trancer Tower and slaughter every one there. Aria has just given birth to Tarik and is too weak to flee. She gives her newborn son to her best friend Iliana and prays they escape the murderous men. Left in her own pool of blood, Aria is mistaken as dead and the Reapers pass her by. When Talon arrives, too late, he’s shocked to find Aria near death, and that he now has a son who has been kidnapped by the Reapers.

Talon vows revenge against the Reapers who murdered the Trancers and stole his son. He starts out on a quest to find and rescue Tarik, with steel determination that he will not fail. Aria is just as determined not to be left behind. She finally convinces him that her special talents will help locate Tarik. Their journey takes them through many perils, strengthens their love, builds their character, and has many twists and turns. In the end, their love will be the saving grace.

Ms. McClellan has created a richly developed fantasy world, and a hero and heroine that are perfect for each other. Readers will no doubt be eagerly looking forward to the The Given's sequel The Seeker, which will be Iliana’s and Lore’s love story and their heroic quest to save their world. This reviewer looks forward to re-visiting the characters and fantasy world created by this new voice in the paranormal romance genre!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Kari.

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