by Mary Lennox

February 2003
ISBN: 1-893896-91-9
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Trade Paperback

Although the plot centers around a mystical ornament and a mysterious, magical kingdom, this story takes place on Earth, in the year 1812. Mary Lennox has penned a very unique story of passions, wars, betrayals, dangers, secrets, and a love that defies all obstacles.

Sera is a princess in disguise, searching for the magical ruby, the ‘Heart of Fire’, that has been stolen from her kingdom. The ruby has the power to conceal and protect her homeland from the outside world. An enemy, Anatole Galerian, pursues her as she searches desperately for the gem. She ends up in the protective custody of a king in the outer-world, and now faces the danger of her secret being exposed - and her heart enslaved. Desperately trying to keep her secrets, Sera must also battle the steadily-growing-stronger magic within her. Her mind tells her to flee, but her heart wants her to stay with the king who desires her above all else.

King Nicholas Rostov is facing the intrusion of Napoleon’s troops and of the Brotherhood (a band of terrorists that existed during that time). His main goal is to protect his country. When he takes Sera into his protective custody after she foils an assassination attempt on his life, Nicholas never dreams of falling in love with the mysterious woman. But he senses something special and unique about her, and though he is convinced the best thing to do is to allow her to return to her homeland, Nicholas leans toward listening to his heart’s desire: keep Sera with him, no matter the cost to either of them.

Ms. Lennox has a wonderful talent in bringing out her characters, making them real with emotions and baggage that any normal person might have. The story is fast paced, non-stop action. And the love between Nicholas and Sera is passionately beautiful. This reviewer looks forward to reading more of Ms. Lennox’s books!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Kari.

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