by Donna Fletcher

February 2003
ISBN: 0-515-13464-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Brianna Cameron lies injured after a coaching accident when she is rescued and nursed back to health by Royce Campbell, who is suffering from battle wounds himself. Brianna is a widow from a very unhappy marriage and has to learn to trust the love that is growing between her and Royce.

Set in Scotland during Clan unrest, the author handles the time period well. The early chapters of the book deal with the care Royce gives to the injured Brianna and the growing love between them, before she returns to her Clan. I felt this took a long time and as a result little tension existed in the early part of the story. Since their was no humour or other characters to liven it up, it tended to drag a little. Once Brianna was back home then the book picked up pace and surprise after surprise occurred giving a lot more excitement to the story. Tension mounted along with drama and the author brings in more characters to liven things up.

I liked the heroine very much and could understand her. Royce was like two different people - at times very caring and at others so possessive of Brianna. He was very much an alpha male, almost overbearing at times, yet his tenderness with the heroine did make him likeable. He was certainly a fierce warrior.

Donna Fletcher gives a good insight into the importance of the clan structures and the heavy burden carried by Clan leaders, who were the main law in the Highlands in the sixteenth century.

I enjoyed the story - my only fault with it was the time spent before the main plot comes into being.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Mary.

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