by Jean Johnson

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22405-2
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Trade Paperback

Nightfall Island

Koranen, the seventh of the eight brothers foretold in the Sons of Destiny prophesy needs his mate. Korís magic is based in fire, so anything he touches especially with the ďheatĒ of passion results in scorching. A definite downer when trying to romance a female! Korís twin and the youngest and most powerful mage of the eight, Morganen, has already found his destined woman, but cannot bring her to his world until Koranen finds his. So Morg sets out to solve his brotherís problem. Morg invites four female Aquamancers to Nightfall, they have the power of water!

The leader is Danau who lives virtually isolated from others. Danau has resigned herself to her fate to live without love for her touch is ice cold; her one and only attempt at a lover resulted in his frostbite. Danau became the target of jokes and suffers deep humiliation turning her heart even icier. When assigned to assist in efforts to repair Nightfallís water purifying system, Danau coldly spurns the attentions of the handsome Lord Koranen who is to be their liaison. It was made clear before they left their underwater realm that they were to be considered as possible mates for Kor. Danau wants nothing to do with that, she believes it will only lead to another disaster. Put The Flame to water and you get steam and sizzle is exactly what happens when Koranen and Danau touch!

Jean Johnson continues her absorbing series of the magical world of Nightfall Island. The Flame is Koranen, a pyromancer, who cannot touch a mortal woman, therefore Kor has never had true relations. Enter Danau, an Aquamancer who has the reverse problem, she cannot touch a live man with out freezing him! Together they are as one as they cancel each other out, and when they realize this, they become the ultimate sex starved lovers. The Flame was a vital part of this series, but again Miss Johnsonís repetitive descriptions make the read hard and frustrating. (I think I must have heard a gazillion times since the first book that Kelly is freckled and is the incipient queen, and yes she and Amara are both "prickly.") Less is sometimes better, and that would be the case here. If you are already into the series then you will want to read The Flame.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Bonnie.

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