by Lori Foster, Deirdre Martin, Jacquie D\'Alessandro, Penny McCall

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22406-9
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Trade Paperback

Four couples find love, despite the odds.

In Deuces Wild by Lori Foster, Dexter Winston is coerced into pretending to be his twin brother while Hart goes off to fight for a championship. Dexter isn’t okay with the scam, but he agrees, since as a writer, he can write at his brother’s apartment just as easy as his own. But Dexter doesn’t expect Christy Nash, a red-headed school secretary who is a lot more exciting than Dexter dreamed. And a bigger distraction.

In The Luck of the Irish by Deirdre Martin, Brendan Kelly is torn. Should he stay in the states and work for his uncle Joe while earning his citizenship, or should he return to Ireland and work for his brother, who is making money hand over fist? And what will the decision have to do with Maggie O’Brien, the bartender at the pub that Brendan frequents?

In Your Room or Mine by Jacquie D’Alesandro, Jack Walker is not pleasantly surprised when his boss announces that Jack and his team need to go on to a resort on business. But the trip isn’t for business as usual, but rather for bonding purposes so they could possibly work better together. Maddie Price is the bane of Jack’s existence. How can bonding with her possibly improve their working conditions?

In Double the Danger by Penny McCall, Dr. Abigail West isn’t expecting the dead body she has to perform an autopsy on to be her old boyfriend, Drake. And she certainly doesn’t expect to find that Drake is very much alive. Once Abby recovers from her fainting spell, is it possible to rekindle a lost love?

Double the Pleasure is a collection of four contemporary romance novels, one of which is by award winning author, Lori Foster. The stories weren’t exactly what I was expecting, so over-all I was disappointed in this whole collection. There is lots of sex, lots of language, and little conflict. What conflict there is, is handled quickly, with no repercussions.

Fans of contemporary, ABA romances will probably like Double the Pleasure, but if you are the type who tends to read “sweet” romances, you might be a bit shocked by the material covered in Double the Pleasure.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Laura.