by Lynette Marie

January 2000
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Cathrynn is kidnapped from her home in Virginia and sold as a slave. She is rescued by Duncan, Lord Willoughby, who marries her to keep her safe. However, Cathrynn soon finds out that Duncan is more dangerous than he seems....

Cathrynn is a gritty heroine - and she needs to be in this story! Her new life is filled with drama and conflict, not least with her new husband with whom she falls quickly in love.

Duncan is very much an alpha male with brooding good looks. He has a passion for Cathrynn but a deep reluctance to fall in love with her. Despite his reluctance, however, he finds himself to be a very jealous husband!

I liked both the main characters very much - they are interesting and have an excellent chemistry as well as passion between them. Some of their scenes are very explosive! Sometimes I wanted to shake some sense into the hard-headed Duncan who was so unwilling to trust his wife. But it did add a lot to the story.

The mystery of her kidnapping is unravelled with plenty of drama and tension as the story develops. Cathrynn is a very brave woman and tackles everything that comes her way.

Lynette Marie is a new name to me but she writes well with a tight plot and some very interesting characters like Lady Ambrosia, who is a bit over the top with her fashion sense and rather overbearing manner, but has a kind heart.

Despite the story being a quick read, there is a lot to take in. Because it is on the short side, sometimes I found it difficult to adapt to all the unfolding events regarding Duncanís past. Regardless, the book is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth a read.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Mary.

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