by Iris Johansen

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-553-80731-8
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Many readers only know Iris Johansen from her Eve Duncan series of thrillers, or the other many suspenseful novels in her bibliography. Some of us are fortunate to remember when Ms. Johansen started writing, for the Bantam Loveswept series in the '80s. She went on to success with several other romance novels before moving to the suspense genre. She has returned to her historical romance roots in her newest novel, The Treasure.

With locations ranging from the Scottish Highlands to the mountains of Syria, The Treasure tells a story of promises made and kept.

Lady Selene Ware is trying his patience. Her flirtation with the young Lord Douglas is a sham, a ruse to force him to act. He sees quite clearly what game she is playing, but Kadar Ben Arnaud cannot help himself. His passion for Selene is gaining the upper hand, and she is not yet ready for him. He must endure these episodes with grace if he is to win the prize of her love. Living here with her family in Scotland is a small price to pay to keep the Wares safe. He made that bargain a long time ago.

When a messenger arrives from Sinan, leader of the assassins, Kadar knows he must return to Syria and honor the promise made years ago. Sinan granted safe passage for the Wares if Kadar would return to do his bidding one last time. It seemed a small request, but has great import now.

Selene doesn't understand why Kadar has to go back. Her own memories of the Middle East were of slavery and shame. They cannot harm the family in Scotland, there is no danger. Is it just for honor's sake or does Kadar plan to stay there? Can she bear to let him go?

The Treasure takes readers on a bold adventure across many countries, in search of a mysterious prize. Ms. Johansen knows how to wring the most from a page, and readers are rewarded by her skill. The novel will thrill her fans, and bring new readers to a very talented author.

Reviewed in December 2008 by Paula.

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