by Patricia Gaffney

August 1997
ISBN: 0-451-40793-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Topaz Books
Mass Market Paperback

When Jesse Gault rode into Paradise, Oregon, everyone knew he was going to be trouble - especially Cady McGill. Cady didnít need anymore trouble in her saloon, she had enough as it was, but she agreed to let Gault stay in one of her rooms upstairs provided he wasnít there to give her any problems. Lord knows why she should believe a known gunfighterís word, but Cady saw two sides to Jesse - the rough, donít-mess-with-me killer and the shy, lonely drifter, and she had no idea which one was the "real" Jesse.

Cady was playing a part herself. Being a female saloon owner in a rough western town wasnít easy, so she hid behind a tough, uncaring demeanor, never letting herself wonder if she was happy or if this was all she wanted out of life. One thing Cady did know though - men like Jesse were never good news and she had enough experience with men like him to be sure that she should stay as far away from him as possible. But what is good for us, and what we want are sometimes two different things....

Outlaw in Paradise started out strong and just kept getting better! I loved Jesse and his wry humor over having to play the part of a tough gunslinger. He is a great twist on the stereotypical old west hero. And Cady, the tattooed saloonkeeper, was an original heroine who was both tough and tender, providing on the moment! They were a great couple who not only had the right chemistry, but who also really had fun together.

Outlaw in Paradise had a terrific cast of characters, from the main to the supporting, a perfectly wicked villain, loads of humor and a setting that was both exciting and interesting. All in all, an unbeatable combination that is sure to have you turning the pages to the end and eager to pick up your next Patricia Gaffney novel. Highly recommended!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Nicole.

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