by Ann Christopher

October 2008
ISBN: 978-0373860876
Reviewer Graphic Button Kimani Press
Mass Market Paperback

Tender Secrets is the third book I have read by Ann Christopher and her talents only get better with each one. I never thought a secret could be tender but she has shared a way of letting her readers see this. Some secrets can hurt very deeply – if they get out, many people can be hurt. That means the secret holders, too.

Viveca Jackson has revenge on her mind - and as a journalist she will be able to work this to her advantage. Her plan is to find everything out about the Warner Family and destroy them. She moves on the property so that she is able to work interviews with everyone in the family as well as those who work for them. Viveca has waited years for this payback and she has no intention of letting anyone stop her from writing her book.

Andrew Warner has other plans. The first to make Viveca go away and when that does not work, he will use whatever other options he has so he can to make this happen. Andrew has secrets and he doesn’t want Viveca to find out anything about those secrets. He feels it would destroy everything that is important to him.

How will these two react to the attraction they have for each other? Will they be able to fight the sexual chemistry between them or have a night of passion? What does Viveca do when she learns of Andrew’s secrets? What does Andrew do when he figures out why Viveca needs this book done? Will either of them just give up or follow what is in their hearts? Will Eric, Andrew’s cousin, play any part is this book?

This is a must read and I cannot wait to read Eric’s story. Ann Christopher shares a part of what is in store for Eric but keeps you wanting the next episode in the Warner family. Enjoy Andrew and Viveca romance - for every page makes you turn to the next one faster.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Theresa.

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