by Carla Neggers

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2553-6
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Mass Market Paperback

What do people do in the summer when they’re hot and sweaty? They imagine places they could go to be cooler. One place they might imagine is Vermont in the late fall to early spring. That is the setting for Cold Pursuit by Carla Neggers, so if you can’t make a real trip to Vermont perhaps an imaginary one is in order through this book.

Much of Cold Pursuit takes place in Black Falls, Vermont. Black Falls is a sleepy little town and the hometown of Secret Service Agent Jo Harper Elijah Cameron, a special forces soldier wounded in battle and now home to finish recovering and deciding what to do with his future.

Jo and Elijah share a past, and with them both back in the same small town they have to work out whether or not they’re going to share a future. However, a hit and run killing of a prominent ambassador has their lives taking a turn neither truly expected. As the investigation develops it leads to Black Falls, and perhaps another person at risk of dying an untimely death.

Will Jo and Elijah be able to save a life? Will they determine who is truly at fault and who is being framed, or will it be too late for everyone to live happily ever after?

As with every good suspense book there are plenty of twists and turns in Cold Pursuit. However towards the end I thought things were being rushed, and I was not fully satisfied that every loose end was neatly tucked away. I believe that fans of Ms. Neggers will enjoy Cold Pursuit, but those new to her style might find too many secondary characters who don’t contribute much if anything to the story.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Sandi.

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