by Elaine Fox

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-147464-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Are you like me a fan of straight contemporary romance, and dying for a book that is a straight contemporary with no suspense, or very little if the author deems it necessary for the storyline, and no hints of anything paranormal? If you answered yes then Bedtime for Bonsai by Elaine Fox might just be the book you’re looking for.

Penelope Porter is a young divorced woman who longs for nothing more than a strong marriage, and a child to compliment that marriage. In fact, it was that desire for a child that led to her divorce from her ex-husband, Glenn. Now she believes that perhaps she and Glenn should make another go of it. After all, he did father a child with his second wife, from whom he is now divorced, and if you take away the child or no child issues there marriage was good, or was it?

Dylan Mersey is new to town, and he wants nothing more than to keep his less than desirable past in the past where he firmly believes it belongs. He’d also like to perhaps kindle the flames of passion with Penelope, but can two people from different backgrounds find happiness together? What about the developing friendship between Dylan and Glenn, how will that effect Dylan’s feelings for Penelope…will he pursue them or will he allow his past and his friendship with Glenn to derail his future?

Now, I’m sure you’re asking where does the title Bedtime for Bonsai come in? Bonsai would be the very cute adorable pup who is owned by Penelope, and who is called Mr. Darcy by her, and yet feels a strong affection for Dylan who calls him Bonsai, and to which he better responds.

It is the misadventures of said pup that bring Penelope and Dylan together, and in the end helps to cement their relationship. To find out exactly how one fluffy pile of energy can create a happily ever after you’ll have to read Bedtime For Bonsai for yourself.

When I first read Ms. Fox I wasn’t impressed with the book I read. I decided I needed to give her another try, as my rule is usually two books before I write off an author, and I was glad I did. Do I remember those first two titles? Nope…but I will be remembering Bedtime for Bonsai for months to come!

Reviewed in January 2009 by Sandi.

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