by Wendy Davy

September 2008
ISBN: 1-60154-323-9
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Victoria Conner went to stay with her grandfather for the summer. While there James Montgomery turns up and her grandfather employs him as a handyman.

Unknown to Victoria and her grandfather he was an undercover federal agent, send to root out illegal moonshine’s, believing Victoria's grandfather was one and that Victoria knew about the operation.

James let Victoria fall deeply in love with him and he returned her feelings yet he was quite cruel to her and did not trust her and his job came first.

I found it hard to like James and felt Victoria had to do all the forgiving. He road roughshod over her feelings for her grandfather and forced them to act as decoys to catch the bad guys.

I felt that Victoria was a wonderful heroine but was too lenient with James, always seeing it from his point of view and forgiving him for the way he treated her. She should have been tougher and made him see that he should have trusted her more and that he should have treated her as an equal which I felt he didn't.

The plot was pretty good and the tension very believable with quite a number of heart stopping moments! The author handled the plot very well and the book is a good read. Many readers probably won't be put of by the hero as much as I was!!

This is the first book I have read by Wendy Davy and I have to say that I would look for more of her books as she writes very well and her plot line keeps the reader hooked.

It is worth treating yourself to this one though it is just a four rose review from this reviewer!

Reviewed in January 2009 by Mary.

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