by Victoria Dahl

January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77356-5
Reviewer Graphic Button HQN
Mass Market Paperback

Molly Jennings is back in town and Tumble Creek, Colorado, is never going to be quite the same! The first person Molly runs into is the man who has fueled her secret desires and fantasies since she left town ten years ago. Ben Lawson is now chief of police in the small town but he is as sexy and shy as ever and Molly is determined to snag her man once and for all. Too bad life has a way of putting a few too many kinks in her plan.

Trouble has followed Molly home and she is determined to kick that trouble out of her life. But her obnoxious ex-boyfriend is proving very stubborn. Ben is also a bit troubled by Molly. He is fiercely attracted to her, but he wants to know what she does for a living. He does not understand her secretive nature. But if Ben finds out that Molly is a bestselling erotic fiction writer, and that she has used him as inspiration in her first story, she knows he will dump her quick as can be. But with Molly’s safety on the line, will Ben be able to truly let her out of his life?

Talk Me Down is flirty and sexy fun! At the same time, I was often frustrated with these characters. Molly holds onto her secret too long, while Ben is too persistent and sometimes even a tad priggish about prying into Molly’s life. Both of these characters needed to chill out at times. That said however, on the whole this is a fun story! Victoria Dahl has a really fun writing style that was very reminiscent, to this reader, of Rachel Gibson. Lots of amusing moments coupled with plenty of sexy exchanges between the main couple. While I certainly acknowledge I had some frustration with this story, there was also plenty of enjoyment to be had. The beginning of each chapter as Ben struggled to figure out Molly’s career in particular proved particularly amusing.

Victoria Dahl is versatile and witty; most definitely an author on the rise! Keep your eyes on this talented romance writer.

Reviewed in December 2008 by Sarah.

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