by Lori Foster

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22629-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

My Man Michael is the newest story in Lori Fosterís successful SBC Champions series. I was very surprised by the direction Lori Foster went with Michael ďMalletĒ Manchesterís story but I found it to be an enjoyable story.

Michael is in the hospital, badly injured in a car accident. His dreams of finally being an SBC champion are blown to bits. Michael is feeling useless and angry. When he receives a strange visitor things change, big time!

Kayli Raine is from the year 2220. She has been sent back in time to bring Michael back to her colony so he can help her people. Kayli knows Michael is the man for the job; he is a warrior with strength and determination. He will help stop the sacrifice of her people.

Michael does not know if it is the drugs or the pain, but he agrees to Kayliís proposal that he travel forward in time with her to her colony. But suddenly, Michael is there and...the pain is gone, he is healed! He is also freaked out. What has he gotten himself into?

To see ďaliensĒ and time travel suddenly show up in what has thus far been a contemporary romance series was disconcerting at first. However, I went along with it and found My Man Michael to be a fun and intriguing story. In particular, I loved Michael and Kayliís interactions. She is a warrior in her own colony and has much to prove to Michael and her people. But Kayli also longs for a family and a settled life of her own. How those different desires play out is exciting to watch.

Michael is in his element. He has his strength and muscle again, he is healed. But he is also in a totally different world with a woman who refuses to see the potential for happiness between them. As he comes to figure out, love and relationships are complicated no matter what year it is.

Lori Foster took a bit of a chance with this story I think. Her fans may, as I was, be scratching their heads. Fortunately, My Man Michael has heart and romance at its story center, and that always makes for a satisfying read! Passion and humor are a great combination in this story.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Sarah.

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