by Margrett Dawson

August 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1771-4
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Jane Chartraine is an elementary school teacher who is looking for some quick cash and high excitement. She lives with her mother, and her romantic life is non-existent. What she finds is truly of this world.

Jane makes a deal with a law firm to stay at the towns resident haunted house, the Newland mansion, for a full 48 hours. They are to pay her $5,000 to video the house to prove it is not haunted, but surprise, surprise, it is.

Pierce Newland is a ghost that has been haunting the Newland mansion since the day of his untimely death at the hands of his evil step-mother. When he meets Jane, his ghostly existence changes and he becomes part of the living again. Not only is he alive, but a beautiful woman is responsible for him and he is not going to let her go. Jane and Pierce are involved in a world wind love affair that changes the course of both of their lives. Jane is getting control of her live, and Pierce is trying to rebuild his. They will help each other achieve their goals, however can love be achieved also?

Jane's Prize is GOOD. It is good to the last drop. The story line is very engaging, and the characters are realistic and fun (except for the ghost part). Dawson has created a story that is both erotic and fun. The love scenes are hot, and the story is interesting. You will enjoy this story of two people finding each other and finding their place in the world.

Reviewed in October 2008 by Lakisha.

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