by Tricia McGill

April 2003
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Autumn Fire starts as Tess Barrett is adjusting to a new freedom after the death of her tyrannical husband. For twenty years, Des made her life a misery, but she stuck it out because of their children. Believing that a stable family was important for them, she let Des run her life, and finally she came to believe that she was just as worthless as he always claimed she was. But after his death, she tentatively began to live again, and it was at that moment a ghost from the past rang her doorbell.

Jack Donovan had worked for her husband more than ten years ago. She could never forget his kindness or his devastating good looks. But he hadn’t come on a social call. Her husband’s building company, now run by her son Gary, was in trouble and Jack wanted to buy her out.

During their conversation, Jack also makes it plain that he has never forgotten her and he’s not only interested in her business, but he’s planning on getting to know her better. Tess, stunned, replies that he’s fifteen years younger than she is, and there is no chance of them ever having a relationship. Besides, she’s paralyzed with fear about what her son Gary will think.

Gary is as overbearing and difficult as her husband had been, and Tess tried to avoid confronting him. Luckily, her daughter Laurel is a wonderful, caring girl. Tess has an ally in Laurel. But Jack won’t take no for an answer, and his wooing is both tender and intense. And what woman could hope to resist Jack? As a romance hero, he is one of the best!

Fate won’t be kind to Tess and Jack, but things have ways of working out, even if it isn’t what you’d expect. But one thing is sure, expect to spend a few sleepless nights reading this page–turner and enjoying the scorching love scenes between Tess and Jack! Once started, Autumn Fire is impossible to put down. Ms. Mc Gill has conjured up a cast of characters that will stay in your mind and a story that will warm your heart.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Jennifer.

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