by Anthology

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2854-3
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Trade Paperback

The Captain's Courtesan by Melissa MacNeal

Sophia Martine is a sinful servant girl looking for adventure and a very handsome sea captain named Damon. She sees her opportunity to flee the confines of being an abigail for two sniveling rich girls, and embark on an adventure of passion. She decides to be the captain's private stowaway on one of the ships going to America. Damon wants her mind, body, and soul, but he will not dare admit what powers she wields over him.

When the notorious pirate, Blackbeard, captures Sophia, Damon is forced to face the emotions that are growing between him and Sophia. Is it too late for him to admit Sophia is his one and only true love? This story is okay. Sophia seems intelligent but she falls short because of her flightiness. Ms. MacNeal paints her as someone who cares for others, yet her actions speak heavily of selfishness.

Ties that Bindby Donna Grant

Queen Jarina is the sole ruler of her country, Hesione. She has to marry the king of Pereth, Kyros, which is the country that they are currently in war with. Jarina does not realize is there is a traitor in her camp, and when she wakes up she has been sold to a rich man as his love slave. Kyros only knows he is hot for the love slave he just bought. He feels she will be a great distraction for when he is forced to marry the queen of Hesione. Jarina is learning how to relinquish control of her body; Kyros is learning how to control his emotions for someone that can be no more than his slave.

When there is rumor afoot that one country is attacking the other, this causes the two rulers to have to act on behalf of their countries. In the end, a mystery is solved but can these two put aside there differences when their identities are revealed? This is a hot story. Kyros and Jarina are very sexually charged, and the story is good too. I would LOVE to read a full novel about characters like these two.

In His BedAnnalise Russell

Chessa makes a deal with the hot Viking, Bodin, to be his sex slave for her journey back to her homeland. She is prepared to surrender every once of her body for his complete pleasure, and for hers as well. Bodin has always been bewitched by Chessa's delicate beauty. Ever since his father brought her over as a slave as penance for her people, Bodin has watched her grow into a enticing young woman. Now she is his for the taking.

There is unseen trouble all around them, as their love and passion grows so does the evil around them. Chessa finally makes it home and finds the expected. She can stay with people and seek to rule them or does Bodin give her another choice? Ms. Russell is an excellent story teller. This is a story of love and surrendering to one's darkest deepest passions.

Overall, The Pleasure of His Bed is a good anthology of women surrendering their passions to hot men. There is quite a bit of s/m in the love scenes, but the submission is so good.

Reviewed in November 2008 by Lakisha.

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