by Jamie Denton

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1016-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

As the New Year gets underway if you are like many of us you are working on tightening the budget, and the one place where the budget might be tightening is the discretionary money for books. That means as you ponder the choices at the bookstore you are looking for what you hope will be a book that will transport you, and allow you to escape all the worries of life for a few hours.

Jamie Dentonís newest book Dead Stop just might be the book you are looking for. As I turned the pages I had a hard time wanting to put it down to spend time with my family, do the chores, or even go to bed early, and for those who know me personally, they know I am fanatical about being an early to bed person.

Dead Stop is set in what by all appearances seems to be the perfect small town, Serenity Heights, Ohio. The crime there is petty, and the local newspaper is a small town weekly struggling for survival. When the only reporter for the paper Ainsley Brennan gets a CD delivered to her anonymously she is surprised, and when she listens to it, she can not believe what she is hearing.

When the body of an unknown female is found Ainsley is certain that what she has heard on the CD is the sounds of the young woman being tortured and killed. She takes the CD and her theory to acting police chief Beckett (Beck) Raines, and while I think he truly does believe her, he is suspicious of the press and does not want to say or do anything that might lead Ainsley into printing a story that he is not ready to have released.

While the chemistry between Beck and Ainsley is strong neither is really prepared to fully act on the attraction, but when they do readers will not feel as though the emotion between them is forced, but real and deepening as the story progresses.

When the terror strikes a little too close for comfort can the fledgling relationship between Beck and Ainsley survive? For the answer to that youíll need to read Dead Stop for yourself.

As I neared the ending of Dead Stop I told my husband my next stop would be Ms. Dentonís website, because after having read Remain Silent, and now Dead Stop I need to know what other stories she has written to take me away, and make me forget the daily grind of life.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Sandi.

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