by Marie Force

September 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4022-1424-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Susannah Sanderson is on the cusp of divorcing her husband, Ryan Sanderson, sexy football star of the Mavericks. She feels the divorce has been a long time in coming and in fact, is celebrating her engagement to another man, Henry. But Ryan is not ready to let his marriage end without making one last play for the wife he still madly loves.

When Ryan arrives badly bruised and hurting at their front door after winning his third Super Bowl, Susannah wants nothing to do with him. She is ready to move forward with her life. Susannah has a few too many bad memories of her time with Ryan and she can no longer worry about him getting hurt on the football field or playing second best to his career. He on the other hand has come to remind her of all the good memories they have.

Ryan has just ten days to convince Susannah to give their marriage another chance. In ten days time, the judge will grant their divorce. Can Ryan make the play of a lifetime and show his wife that he is in their marriage one hundred percent and wants a lifetime to show her how much he loves her?

Susannah and Ryan are a couple clearly in love, no matter how unhappy Susannah is. Her concerns were well founded however and even Ryan realizes that and owns up to his mistakes. The passion and love between them shines through these pages, even as the story sometimes gets bogged down in a constant rehashing of the past. The “villain” of this story is also rather one-dimensional and sometimes seems a bit too theatrical for this straight contemporary romance.

Marie Force does many things right: Ryan is sexy, has enough ego in him to be a football player but is also a straight shooter and is unafraid to share his feelings with his wife. Susannah is an intelligent woman who fears giving Ryan her heart again. Her conflicts were natural, but so was her genuine love for him and her decision to support his career for so long. I really liked this story!

Line of Scrimmage is a romantic and sexy football romance. Athletes often make for some of my favorite heroes and Ryan definitely lives up to some of my past favorite characters. This story has heart and depth!

Reviewed in November 2008 by Sarah.

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