by Keri Arthur

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-553-5960-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Author Keri Arthur begins a new series with her latest book, Destiny Kills. The series opens as Destiny McCree awakens on a desolate Oregon beach, with a dead man at her side. Mourning the loss of her friend Egan, she cannot stop, she must keep moving. Many lives hang in the balance, and she cannot rest until she reaches her father in Maine. How is she going to get there in time?

Seductive thief Trae Wilson may be able to help. He has his own reasons for assisting Destiny, but she doesnít care as long as she can reach her destination. When they both become targets, they will need all the skill and powers they can summon to survive.

Even though I loved Ms. Arthurís Riley Jensen series, I had a bit of trouble with Destiny Kills. I just couldnít warm up to the characters. The writing is crisp and the plot intriguing, but Destiny and Trae left me unmoved. I had no personal stake in their success or their relationship. The end of the book did not bring the excitement I expected, and it disturbed me. I cannot see where this series is headed, and I am not sure that I care. Only time will tell.

Reviewed in November 2008 by Paula.

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