by Christine Warren

October 2008
ISBN: 0-312-94793-3
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

In an unusual move, author Christine Warren has written a prequel to The Others series. As the cover states, One Bite With a Stranger is “The First Novel of The Others”. I am not sure of the motivation behind the novel, but I do know the results: another compelling hero, strong-willed heroine, and lots of heat.

Regina has been a bit reclusive of late. Getting over her fiancé’s infidelity has taken some time. She is not eager to jump back in the dating pool, especially since she doubts her judgment in men. When her friends insist that she participate in their “fantasy fix” date, she tries to turn the tables on them and wishes for something they cannot provide – a date with a vampire. To make it even better, she asks for a dominant partner, someone to indulge in her submission fantasy.

She gets a lot more than she expected.

Starting her evening at the Vampire Ball in Manhattan, she is not really looking forward to meeting her “date”. She is more interested in the darkly compelling man at the bar, who appears to be looking right at her. She has never seen him before, but he is irresistible.

As a Council member, Dmitri Vidame is concerned about the possibility of rogue vampires preying on humans. Hoping to find proof, he attends the Vampire Ball. Spending the evening among humans in Gothic costumes is not his idea of fun. He never expects to find a woman like Regina at the party, and he must claim her for his own. The compulsion is like a raw nerve needing relief.

Fans of The Others series, and anyone who likes a hot, hot novel will enjoy One Bite With a Stranger. As a prequel, be prepared to see other familiar faces interacting before we get to know them in their own books.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Paula.

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