by Laura Drewry

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0843960495
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Penance, Texas

Spring 1882

Rhea was in the biggest mess of her life. The one man she thought she would never have to deal with again, that son-of-a-devil (literally), Deacon was back! Never mind that he took her innocence, made her fodder for town gossip, and then left her cold when she caught him with a saloon girl! When her overbearing brother, Colin, had threatened to sell their late parents' store out from under her, Rhea schemed up the perfect alibi to gain back her respectability, and keep her beloved store. She forged a marriage license and claimed Deacon was her husband, but had died. But now the scoundrel was back and thought he could just take up where he left off, well Rhea wasn’t having any of his sweet talk, so she gave him until the count of three...and shot him!

Having screwed up one too many times, Satan had stripped his son Deacon of his powers, tortured him until he was brutally scarred, and sent him back to the mortal world with only the rags on his back. Deacon wanted, no needed to make things right with Rhea, no matter the consequences. Rhea, none too happy about his return had shot him, not knowing that Deacon no longer possessed his powers and was now as mortal as she. The lies Rhea has spun about their “marriage” might just give Deacon the in back to the one thing that can redeem his black soul, her love.

Dancing with the Devil by Laura Drewry is an absolute devilish delight from start to finish! A sequel to The Devil’s Daughter where we were first introduced to the not so nice Deacon, he finally develops a heart and soul thanks to a new found “feeling” he has never experienced before, love.

Reviewed in November 2008 by Bonnie.

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