by Pamela Clare

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8439-5489-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Fort Carillon, 1758

Amalie Chauvenet was devastated when she saw the soldiers carry in the lifeless body of their commanding officer, her father. Amalie was truly alone now in this vast wilderness. A product of mixed blood from an Abenaki mother, and her French father, Amalieís beauty was very unique making her a sought after commodity among the already restless troops. Her new guardian, Chevalier de Bourlamaque, decided until he could return her to the safety of the convent from where Amalie had resided for most of her life, the best place for his new ward would be tending the gravely wounded prisoner, Major Morgan MacKinnon. The notorious leader of MacKinnonís Rangers had been whisked inside the fort before his men could get to him. He was most likely either directly or indirectly responsible for the death of Amalieís beloved father. Yet, when Amalie looked upon the handsome strong warrior who lay so helpless in her care, she could not help but be drawn to his powerful male virility.

Major Morgan MacKinnon along with his brothers had been pressed into serving the hated British in their war with the French. The MacKinnons had formed the fearsome Rangers, a combination of Highland Scots, Irish fighters and members of the Mohican Indians, blood brothers to the MacKinnons. In trying to save one of his men, Morgan was shot and captured. Morgan's fate was in the hands of the French, but they only tend his injuries in order to grill him for information and then plan to turn him over to their allies, the Abenaki Indians who want Morgan for one thing, to burn at their stake! The angel who came to him in his feverish dreams crooned soft words of comfort and refused to allow Morgan to give up, for with life there was always hope. Untamed as the frontier they fight for on opposite sides of the war, the passion that Morgan and Amalie share knew no enemy boundaries, they were one of heart!

Untamed is the anxiously awaited sequel to Pamela Clareís Surrender. Morgan, not unlike his older brother, is a perfect leader for the MacKinnonís Rangers. He is handsome, strong and clever, how can the reader not like him? Amalie is naÔve, thanks to her sheltered convent upbringing. But she knows the right of keeping this man she is growing to love safe. Untamed is a page turner, fans of Clareís, donít miss this one!

Reviewed in November 2008 by Bonnie.

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