by Cathy Maxwell

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-135098-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Nine years ago during a Grand Tour of Greece and Italy the Duke of Holburn’s life changed. First, Nick loses the ducal ring he inherited from his father. Then he sees the Oracle of Delphi turn from an ugly old crone to a beautiful young woman. This high priestess who tells men their fate speaks ominous words to Nick: “Beware Innocence”. He can’t imagine what they mean and he quickly pushes it to the back of his mind. Nick instead concentrates on finding the man who stole his family ring. A man he’d once considered friend: Andres Ramigio.

The Duke of Holburn is the reason Fiona Lachlan is not in America with her brother. She saw him at a ball and immediately knew he was the man for her. But that was a year ago. Her life has drastically changed since then. There are no more balls for her. She struggles to put food on her table since the death of her parents. It is this desperate need for money that prompts Fiona to agree to do a job for a scorned mistress. Fiona is to help set the stage for revenge, but when she gets to the inn it isn’t the man in question waiting. It is none other than the Duke of Holburn. Before explanations can be spoken they are set upon by a group of thugs. Nick and Fiona escape one attempt only to have to run again. Someone wants Nick dead and now Fiona is caught up in the middle. The Duke takes her to his home to keep her safe.

Nick is happy to have Fiona at his side. Not only does she look like the beautiful vision in Delphi, but he finds himself attracted to her as well. Still, he cannot avoid the question in the back of his mind...is she the “innocence” from which he was warned?

Cathy Maxwell’s latest book, A Seduction at Christmas begins a new series called Seduction and Scandals. The author’s trademark humor and wit are apparent in this enjoyable read. The heroine overcomes great horror and finds a love to last a lifetime. The hero is, of course, a reformed rake, but his unwavering support for Fiona makes the reader believe his love. A Seduction at Christmas is the perfect holiday read.

Reviewed in October 2008 by Rho.

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