by Mary Taffs

May 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-376-4
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After a little digging at the publisherís website, I discovered that this book is actually the sequel to Magick. Logical, as Mr. Spock would say. Flawlessly logical. However, here is one case where I very much wish I had been alerted beforehand to the fact that this story followed another. Because for the first few chapters, I was completely at sea.

There is a glossary included (at the end Ė suggestion... put it at the beginning) but even that did little more than provide the bare bones of the settings and characters. Which was a crying shame because this is a great story of love, and magic, and the ability of one to make the other work.

To simplify things, Dee Sayre and her lifemate, Wyn, end up in positions of unusual command, mostly due to their talents. It is up to them to foil a dastardly plot, restore the Balance, and also lay a few old ghosts to rest for Dee. Ghosts that would have been easier to understand had I read the first novel.

This is a complex, well-written romance with appealing characters and a delightful fantasy feel to it. I would like to heap some serious verbal abuse on the heads of the editors and publishers for not allowing Ms. Taffs to either publish both books as a two-part novel, or making it VERY CLEAR that More than Magick is a sequel. They have done Ms. Taffs a disservice here, in my opinion. Her story is full of all the things we love about romantic fantasies, and yet the enjoyment is only fully felt after about a third of the book has passed and concepts such as Goddess and Bedrock become clear. I would love to see these stories merged into one full length super-novel so that I could spend a good length of time immersed in Ms. Taffsí world. Itís seductive, fascinating, and indicative of a wonderfully inventive writer. Iíll certainly be looking for more of her stories, but Iíll also have to double check and make sure Iím reading them in order.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Celia.

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