by Joan Kilby

August 2002
ISBN: 0-373-71076-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1076
Mass Market Paperback

Child of Her Dreams sends a supermodel back to her hometown, to re-think her lavish lifestyle, and self absorption.

After popping pills and starving herself in order to maintain her figure, supermodel Geena Hanson collapses on a Milan runway. Geena claims to have a near death experience that in subtle ways slowly begins to change her views on life. After recuperating, she packs her things and heads home to small town Hainesville, Washington, where her sisters and her grandmother live. Her family is appalled at how thin Geena has become, and ship her off to the new, handsome doctor in town, for a complete checkup.

Ben Matthews has just left the ravaged country of Guatemala after a two year stint as a doctor in a small village. He’s come to Hainesville to fill in for an out of town doctor, and meets Geena the supermodel, who he thinks is not only too skinny, but flighty and out of his league. Dr. Ben couldn’t be more wrong about Geena - she may need meat on her bones, but he comes to find she’s got a heart the size of his home state!

Ben struggles with his attraction to Geena, his stereotypical theories about her only make her more determined to prove him wrong.

Geena also discovers some things about herself after her near-death experience, which Ben isn't convinced happened because he’s a skeptical doctor looking for a scientific answer. Geena changes her lifestyle radically, and Ben can’t help but sit up and take notice!

This book attacked the serious issues of childhood cancer, and starving yourself to be beautiful. I loved Geena’s spirit, and her gentle supportive nature. When she takes on the very heart wrenching task of befriending a boy who may possibly die, it was thought provoking and heartfelt. As Geena becomes more involved with the people around her, she becomes less concerned with her body image, and an inner beauty evolves.

Ben had me hot and cold for the better part of the read. I became a little peeved over his complete unwillingness to see what was right before his very eyes - a supermodel who could use a good meal, and was as lovely inside as she was outside. Nonetheless, he grew on me as Geena knocked his defenses to the wayside.

A fine way to spend an afternoon cuddled up in a chair, and a splendid look at the importance of family and love.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Connie.

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