by Victoria Dahl

August 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0016-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Emma has arrived in London with one goal in mind: make as much money as possible through gambling in order to secure a quiet future for herself. To achieve this goal, she impersonates a widowed noblewoman. She is not just Emma Jensen; instead, she is the mysterious, sensual, and daring Lady Denmore. It is in this disguise that she catches the eye of the Duke of Somerhart.

Hart is immediately taken with the vivacious Lady Denmore. She seems willing to risk anything for a little bit of money and Hart wants to know why. She is unlike any widow he has ever met but that is probably because, unbeknownst to Hart or Londonís elite, Emma is not a widow; she is just a woman trying to survive with a past riddled with pain. Emma is looking to escape while Hart is looking to capture Emma for himself. He feels more alive when she is near and he does not want to let that feeling go. Emmaís past is following her however, and she is not safe for long even in Londonís whirling social life.

This was my first Victoria Dahl historical romance, but definitely not my last. Passion reverberates off the pages of A Rakeís Guide to Pleasure. The tumultuous emotions that Emma and Hart experience are alive and strong in this story. This was no light, comical romance. While there are lighter moments, this is a story that deals with some of the darker aspects of life. Slowly but surely Ms. Dahl peels away the layers surrounding Emma and Hart until they are at their most vulnerable and most interesting.

A Rakeís Guide to Pleasure is a heart-wrenching, stunning tale of love, lies, deceptions, and the truths that make love so irresistible. Hart and Emmaís romance will leave you breathless.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Sarah.

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