by J.A. Clarke

December 2002
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Electra Hamilton’s life is almost perfect. She is the caretaker of a lovely house in Little Creek, has fantastic friends and a great job, and is currently serving as temporary mayor of her town. In just a few days, her life will be completely perfect when her dear friend Samuel comes to town and finally relieves her of her virginity.

But Samuel isn’t coming. Samuel fell in love and got married to someone else. The person who arrives is the last person Electra wants to see, Samuel’s older brother, Drew, a nerdy menace from her past who was always nagging her and driving her crazy.

Drew is back with a mission. For years, he’s been in love with Electra, but now he’s come to claim her after giving her four years to spread her wings. He has also set a deadline. Within three months, he plans on having Electra's heart.

Of course, Electra could never feel anything for Drew even though everybody in Little Creek thinks he is the perfect man for her. He’s just too irritating. That knowledge doesn’t stop the strange tingly feelings she experiences whenever he is around.

There’s something rotten in Little Creek, and in the midst of exploring her feelings for Drew, Electra has to deal with the mayor’s murder and malicious threats against her own life.

Summer Heat is hot! Solid, logical Drew is the perfect match for whimsical Electra. Together, they make one sizzling couple. Although I must admit, I did find Electra’s childish name calling habit quite irritating at times. It also would have been nice to know a little more about Electra’s relationship with her mother.

This book is filled with suspense, sparkling dialogue, spurts of humor, and steamy love scenes. The story would have been better if there had been more mystery surrounding the identity of the killer, but even that minor imperfection could not disrupt the finely conceived story line.

My interest was held the entire length of Summer Heat. If you enjoy intriguing characters and a great story, then yours will be held too.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Natasha.

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