by Sandra Hill

March 2003
ISBN: 0-8439-5064-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

The Very Virile Viking by the ever brilliant Sandra Hill, is one of the best installments yet in her Viking series! If you haven’t read a Sandra Hill Viking, I’d run to the nearest bookstore and get them all if I were you!

In 999 A.D. Magnus Ericsson, Viking warrior, and proud parent of eleven children, has a bit of a quandary, not only does he have trouble keeping a woman around to mother his offspring, but he can’t seem to stop producing…offspring that is!

Magnus is indeed virile, so virile in fact, he fears his seed will literally fly into a woman’s womb. Magnus takes a vow of celibacy, one which will be sorely tested in the very near future!

Magnus is also one of three brothers, and their mysterious disappearances, sends him, along with nine children on a journey in his Viking longship. A journey that will catapult him straight into present day, and into the life of his destiny….

Angela Abruzzi’s family vineyard is in Sonoma Valley, wine country. Her grandmother's vineyard, The Blue Dragon, has seen better days; it’s been plagued by mishaps and lack of financial aid. Angela sells real estate and although she makes hefty commissions, it's still it’s not enough to save Grandma Rose... until she meets a movie producer who’s willing to pay a pretty sum of money to use her vineyard in a movie. While in negotiations with the movie mogul, who plans to make a Viking movie, a strange event occurs right before Angela’s very eyes.

On a movie set, a prop-Viking longship awaits its star… and out of nowhere Magnus appears, with his nine bedraggled, tired, utterly bewildered children! The movie producer thinks Magnus is the perfect viking for his film, but Magnus doesn't want to be an "act-whore", in the world of Holly and Wood! Then an astonished Magnus meets Angela for the first time, he proclaims her his destiny, and from that moment on, nothing in either of their lives is the same! Circumstances bring the time travel weary family to Angela’s grandmothers, where some funny stuff has been going on.

I am wild about Sandra Hill’s Vikings, they're big and brazen and as bold as the day is long! Magnus is no exception, despite his big ears (all the better to hear the cries of passion he elicits, if you ask this reader) and his outdated theories about women, he’s a scrumptious hunk! Magnus takes his time travel in stride as do his nine children, all with very distinct personalities, I might add. Though secondary characters, they shone when the spotlight was theirs.

Magnus’s fierce desire for Angela prompts him to be very creative when attempting to keep his vow of celibacy (think dry tupping, girls) and I loved him more for sticking to his guns. His love of life and his love for every last one of his children is breathtaking!

Naïve to this new century, Magnus will capture your heart from his misinterpretation of the English language, to his fascination with Dom-noes pizza, and his refusal to accept Angela as anything less than his destiny. Ladies, this man is to die for!

You will laugh out loud, sigh and leave this book panting for more! There is no one who makes the implausible seem possible like Ms. Hill, and I adored every minute. Skillfully crafted, beautifully fluid, with characters that become three dimensional, is what you’ll discover when you read The Very Virile Viking!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Connie.

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