by Heather Graham

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2527-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Recent events have not promised happy holidays for the O'Riley family and friends. Sean O'Riley and his much younger wife, Amanda, barely arrive for a vacation in Dublin, Ireland before Sean becomes critically ill and almost dies. Meanwhile, back at home in coastal Rhode Island, Sean's long time business partner, Eddie, never returns from a a chartered boat trip. Is this all sad coincidence or is this evil intent?

Zach Flynn is a long time family friend of the O'Riley's. With his recent expertise in the private investigation business, he is called in to help. The O'Riley's also enlist the help of Caer Cavannaugh, a Dublin nurse they bring home to Rhode Island. Caer seems to have a special healing touch, as well as true Irish beauty. Zach is concerned about Sean's health and family turmoil, but he can't help being strongly attracted to Caer.

Everyone is more disturbed when large black birds take up residence around the O'Riley home. Are these birds harbingers of death? Aunt Bridey seems to think so as she spins her old tales of Irish lore with good banshees and other creatures.

Deadly Gift is the third installment in Heather Graham's Flynn Brothers trilogy. This one is Zach's story and he comes into his own as a strong alpha hero. Caer is a competent woman with great passion. The author builds the chemistry between the two perfectly. This novel is a good, not Deadly Gift to her legion of fans as she mixes suspense and romance with a twist of the paranormal. Having the trilogy back to back was a gift, too. I will look forward to all future novels by the talented Ms. Graham.

Reviewed in November 2008 by Roberta.

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