by Sherryl Woods

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2589-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Fans of the Sweet Magnolia series by Sherryl Woods are going to be thrilled when they go to the bookstore and find the newest installment just waiting to go home with them. Welcome to Serenity is the story of Jeanette who has been a big part of the success of The Corner Spa and Tom who is the newest resident of Serenity.

Both Jeanette and Tom are originally from Charleston, but there the similarities seem to stop, but do they? Tom is from a wealthy family, while Jeannette was raised in a hardworking middle class family.

For Tom his time in Serenity is temporary. He sees his job as the new town manager as just one more rung on the career ladder he is climbing. For Jeanette, Serenity has become home, and when she buys a house on impulse it becomes quite clear to those who have come to know and love her that she has settled in for the long term.

Even though the chemistry between Tom and Jeanette is strong can they work through their differences and develop a strong, loving, lasting relationship? This is the meat of Welcome to Serenity, and Ms. Woods has written their story with all the ups and downs of new relationship.

For fans of the previous book theyíll be happy to know that not only do The Sweet Magnolias make enough of an appearance to satisfy a readerís wanting to know what has happened since the last book, but this time around we get to see more into the lives of their husbands as well.

If there is anything at all unsatisfying about Welcome to Serenity itís the fact that Ms. Woods teases readers about the children of The Sweet Magnolias, and their relationship. I hope we get a book about Ty and Annie, but in the meantime Iíll just have to satisfy myself with the fact that come April Ms. Woods is starting a new series for me to lose myself in.

Reviewed in November 2008 by Sandi.

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