by Linda Lael Miller

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-373-77302-2
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Trade Paperback

December 22, 1896

Lizzie McKettrick was homebound for Christmas. With her formal training accomplished in San Francisco, and a job awaiting her as schoolmarm, Lizzie was excited to be going back to Indian Rock to her large extended family. With grumpy suitor Whitley Carson in tow, Lizzie was trying to get some sleep on the train when catastrophe strikes; a massive avalanche buried the train!

Dr. Morgan Shane had almost not gotten on the train headed to Indian Rock, but the sincere offer he had received from Lizzie’s uncle Jeb to be Indian Rock’s doctor, was giving Morgan the chance for a much needed fresh start. When a blizzard hits, and an avalanche buried the train and its passengers, Morgan took command of the situation. Helping the injured, Morgan was in awe of the level headed Lizzie he had first assessed as a spoiled society girl. Together they try to keep spirits up, praying with their fellow survivors that help will soon arrive. The threat of another avalanche and their small supply of fuel and food running low, Lizzie and Morgan get a little heavenly intervention on Christmas Eve, and they just might make it home to celebrate A McKettrick Christmas together!

A McKettrick Christmas is pure magic! Linda Lael Miller gives us a story of true McKettrick pride and strength with Holt McKettrick’s all grown up daughter Lizzie. Proving she is McKettrick tough, Lizzie doesn’t give up her faith that her father and uncles will come to the rescue. A life as a poor country doctor’s wife with the good Morgan Shane can give Lizzie her heart’s desire and keep her with the family she loves. The self-centered Whitley Carson has shown his true colors in the face of adversity. Fans of the McKettrick series put A McKettrick Christmas on your shopping list!

Reviewed in October 2008 by Bonnie.

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