by Edna Curry

ISBN: 1-58495-838-3
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Dead Manís Image is about small town murder, a spunky private eye, and a dead man walking!

Paul Menns has just discovered heís dead! While reading the morning paper, he sees an artistís sketch of himself, claiming his landlord has identified him as the victim of a murder. Paulís landlady tells the police she was bird watching when she saw the killer dump Paulís body. There is some confusion with the testimony from his landlady; the description she gives of the murder suspect she saw while bird watching, matches that of the murder victim, so Paul is either dead or a murderer! No matter how you slice it, Paul needs help and he finds it in the way of Lacey Summers, fledgling private eye.

Lacey Summers owns Summers Investigations, and when Paul calls her for help, heís just what the financial planner ordered - Lacey is low on cash and investigations. Lacey and Paul hit it off from the start, but Lacey has strict rules about clientele, no getting involved personally! However, together they set off to find out how Paul could possibly have been identified, if heís still living and breathing, and begin to unravel a mystery, while falling in love.

This was a swift read, and the plot moved at a quick pace. Still, the plot was a bit predictable and it didnít take this reader much guessing to put two and two together. The relationship between Paul and Lacey was lukewarm, but sweet and endearing nonetheless. They made a good team, while bouncing ideas back and forth, and the warm overall small town feel was genuine.

Iím certainly willing to take a peek at other works from this author - the dialogue was well written, the setting rich in description, a fine way to while away a lazy afternoon. If murder is on your mind, check out Dead Manís Image

Reviewed in March 2003 by Connie.

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