by Lauren Agony and Jan Springer

May 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-407-0
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Loverboy, set in the year 2043, gives some thought to what the world might be like if most sexual proclivities were legal, and considered honest-to-goodness, nine to five jobs!

Sky O’Kelley and Jim McBride work for the sex squad in Vermont, co-workers and formerly engaged, Jim and Sky are hot on the trail of Loverboy, a hunky sex slave trainer! Want to know why Loverboy is in trouble with the law? He’s been committing very serious crimes girls…tax evasion! In the year 2043, having said sex slave classes are perfectly legal, as long as you pay your taxes... oh, and sex drugs and prostitution are legal too. There’s also the question of what happened to their boss' daughter while she was taking the sex slave course.

The sex squad sends in Sky to catch Loverboy, because she’s a virgin, and Loverboy likes his virgins! Jim goes into deep cover as well, to keep tabs on Sky, even though they’ve broken up, for the very reason she’s being sent under cover…she’s a virgin. She won’t give it up to Jim because she wants to be a traditional bride, and wait for her wedding night. Will Jim and Sky find their way back to each other in the midst of their undercover work?

This read was a lot of fun! It was campy, and far out, and even a bit outrageous, but kept me turning the pages. I liked Jim and Sky, and when they were with each other temperatures were sure to rise! As Sky became more aware sexually, she became wanton, and insatiable. I love a wacky premise, and this story delivered, from the ever innovative “trigasm” (read the story, you’ll understand), to the idea that one might be taxed for training sex slaves, rather than be arrested for owning them was a fun concept indeed!

My one little gripe would be that some of the sexual terminology was a bit silly, especially when a man is thinking in terms of his woman’s passion bud. We had dispensed with most of the typical flowery, anatomical terms throughout the read, and my feeling at this point was that we might have been able to find another term for "passion bud".

Otherwise, a clear, concise, fun look at the future where sexuality isn’t hindered by society, and there’s money to be made if sex is your favorite pastime!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.