by Jen Holling

November 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4165-2586-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Picking up where My Immortal Protector left off, we find Drake MacKay following his enemy, Luthias, from town to town, watching as he suffers as a witch at each town he reaches. After Luthias hunted and tortured Drakeís niece, Drake thought it might be appropriate if Luthias experienced the same type of existence. Traveling with him at the time was blood witch Hannah and, even though she thought it unwise, she turned Luthias. In return, Drake was supposed to return to her after his mission, as he had promised her his life.

Unfortunately, Luthias is as evil as a vampire as he was a human, and he tricks Drake into thinking him dead. Drake returns to Hannahís island, but she releases him from his promise and asks him to leave. Confused, Drake leaves and visits a tavern, where he overhears some locals planning to kill Hannah. He returns to her and forces her into his boat. Itís only because sheís as weak as a human during the daylight hours that heís able to overpower her.

Traveling together over the days they discover that Luthias isnít dead, and heís stronger than he should be while not being weakened during the daylight hours. Drake and Hannah struggle to understand whatís happening and the truth is shocking. They also find themselves revealing pieces of their past and, after 80 years of being alone, Hannah finds herself feeling something for a man. Drake has also finally forgiven Hannah, whom heís always blamed for his wifeís death. Now they both have to survive long enough to see if they might possibly have a future together.

Those unfamiliar with My Immortal Protector will still be able to follow this story, but they would find it much more enjoyable if they are familiar with the previous storyline. There are also some guest appearances from a previous trilogy by this author. Both Drake and Hannah were such mysterious characters in the previous book, and it was great to finally find out about their pasts, their fears and their desires.

Reviewed in October 2008 by Jackie.

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