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February 2003
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If you really want to heat up a chilly winter’s evening get a hold of the latest anthology from Ellora’s Cave. Authors Treva Harte, Sherri L. King, and S.L. Carpenter, do a wonderful job of making Valentine’s Day very special for three unhappy ladies.

It’s Valentine’s Day and three friends don’t have very much to celebrate. Due to a poor economy their employer is downsizing, so Marisha, Samantha, and Michelle are out of work and in the mood to make some changes- both personal and professional.

First, in Treva Harte’s Out of Time, to make Marisha’s bad day even worse she is nearly mugged while walking home from work. In the scuffle with her attackers, Marisha sustains a concussion. Her good friend Tim comes to the rescue and takes her home to nurse her through the night. Thus far a romantic relationship between them has been out of the question as far as Marisha is concerned. She worries that with fours years between their ages, she is too old for hunky Tim. Marisha’s constant harping on her age diverts attention from a really engaging romantic fantasy.

Then, in Sherri L. King’s The Jewel, not only has Samantha lost her job on the most romantic day of the year but it also happens to be her birthday and she has no one special to spend it with. To top it all off the next morning she awakens to discover aliens have abducted her. Although, these aliens have no intention of experimenting on her; she is to be a birthday present for their hedonistic king. As Sam joins the other lovely alien ladies in the king’s galactic Collection, the question of whether she remains one of the crowd or the jewel in the king’s crown arises.

Finally, in S.L. Carpenter’s Learning to Live Again, Michelle dumps her brutish boyfriend and heads off to a new career. Leaving her boyfriend is the catalyst to a new life and a new love only if Michelle is willing to take a chance with Josh.

On a whole, this anthology was a satisfying read. Although in the case of S.L. Carpenter's novella, the main character's stubbornness was annoying at times but in the end it did not spoil the story. If you like your love scenes hot then this is the book for you; it certainly warmed my chilly sheets. As always Ellora's Cave comes through.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Cynthia.

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