by Sahara Kelly

February 2003
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Sizzle by Sahara Kelly, does just that, it sizzles - with laughter, knock your socks off sex, and love!

Dr. Susanna Chalmers is a no-no nonsense relationship therapist who’s a little staid, a little stuffy, and a whole lot in denial! Since high school she’s lusted for the handsome jock Dylan Sinclair. When he re-appears in her life eleven years after graduation, he reminds her of a night they shared under the school bleachers (blush), as well as re-awakens in her all those old high school insecurities. And along with all those, old high school dreams of unrequited lust, er…love!

Dylan Sinclair has desired Susanna ever since the infamous episode under the bleachers, and he plans to show her exactly why all the boys in school secretly called her Sizzle! A date or two ensues, and believe this reviewer when she tells you, they are so well crafted, and hilariously funny you won’t be able to leave your computer screen!

One date, in fact, includes a seminar a very technologically creative thong and, well...I’m not telling, you’ll just have to read the book yourself!

For this reader, I’ve come to find there is always a consistent trait in a Sahara Kelley read… love. First up, I’m never in doubt about what the hero is feeling and thinking, I know he loves, and desires the heroine.

Secondly, there is nothing like being cherished by a Sahara Kelly hero! These guys are not only so hot you could fry an egg on their well muscled chests, but they exude confidence without being self absorbed. Genuine, sincere men, who desire the women they love with every ounce of energy they’ve got, and that’s incredibly sexy! That’s what Dylan and Susanna are all about, beyond the lust, and fun filled sex, they come to love each other... isn’t that the best emotion you can leave a book experiencing? Of course, there is the lovemaking - hot, sweet and sensual, a fulfilling, emotionally charged page burner!

Ms. Kelly pushes the envelope with each new, exciting, adventure she creates. When her fingers touch the keyboard magic is made, and it seems she’s only capable of doing it astonishingly well, with outstanding consistency. Doesn’t matter what genre she attacks, she just goes for your jugular, latches on and won’t let go leaving you wowed (and fanning yourself) every time! The author makes me think, feel, smile sigh, then nudge my hubby sharply in the ribs and ask him “why can’t you be like that”?

I love romantica, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ve become a collector of some truly fabulous erotic material, including all of this author's works. Ms. Kelly goes directly on my keeper shelf, because she’s got the whole kit and caboodle! Take my advice, and put a little Sizzle on your keeper shelf!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Connie.

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