by Connie Lane

December 2000
ISBN: 0-440-23593-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

What do you get when you order a gorgeous multi-millionaire playboy businessman to move to Cleveland and pretend to be a factory worker in a lower middle-class neighborhood? You get a lot of outrage and argument, until you add the fact that he is going to be the pretend husband of a sexy, single, capable and quite lovely FBI agent.

Alex Romero needs the best protective custody available, and Special Agent Kate Ellison is the tops. Alex is scheduled to testify against some really nasty folks, and it's Kate's assignment to make sure he's safe and out-of-sight until then. A tough mission, considering that Alex has spent most of his adult life in the public eye living up to his media image of jet-set darling and international Romeo! It certainly wasn't Kate's idea to end up as his make-believe wife; it is hard to be the consummate professional FBI agent when your skin tingles and your stomach clenches with desire whenever your subject smiles at you!

Inevitably, Alex and Kate (in their alter egos as Stan and Missy) feel the heat rising between them, and it's not just because it's July and there's no air conditioning in their little house. Their wonderfully eccentric neighbors from across the street, Earl and Marge, take the young couple under their wing by introducing them to bingo, polka night and bowling. Watching Alex's reactions to these delightfully suburban pleasures is a treat! Watching Kate fighting her inclinations to rip Alex's mesh T-shirt off him with her teeth is even better!

In spite of the sensual heat, Kate is always aware that Alex's life is her responsibility; she takes her job very seriously although her heart is screaming for more of his passionate kisses. Alex realizes how deep his feelings for Kate are, and exactly what level of commitment she has, when the going gets violent and a traitor is unmasked. The pacing of this story is excellent, and the actions of the characters are well within the realms of believability! Our hearts ache with Kate's as she concludes her assignment - our tempers rise with Alex's as his frustration grows. The climax of this tale is edge-of-your-seat thrilling, complete with surprise twists and revelations. Don't miss the very satisfying (and very funny) epilogue, which perfectly concludes this charming book. Truly a delightful read that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Celia.

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