by Doreen Rainey

December 2002
ISBN: 1-58314-329-7
Reviewer Graphic Button B E T Books
Mass Market Paperback

Alexis Shaw is content. She has her own successful event planning company which she built on her own strengths with no interference from her manipulative mother, a lovely condo, enough designer clothes and shoes to fill a lifetime of closets, and a brand new Mercedes Benz. She has also just been chosen as Businesswoman of the Year by Image magazine. She wants for nothing. That is until she meets Malcolm Singleton, a drop dead gorgeous writer.

Malcolm is tired of fly by night relationships and is looking to settle down. When he meets Alexis, he is instantly attracted to her despite the fact that during their first meeting she gives him and his buddy a severe dressing down. He knows his chances with her are practically nonexistent, but when she is assigned as his next interview, the ball is once again in his court.

Once again, Alexis wants for nothing, least of all a permanent romance. Though her company, Just For You, organizes just about any event, everything from Casino Nights to African Safaris, it does not do weddings, simply because Alexis does not believe in marriage. Sheís seen too many failed marriages, including her parentsí own, to believe in happily ever after. Her preference lies toward temporary relationships. If you have no expectations, then you certainly wonít be hurt.

Unable to deny her attraction for Malcolm, Alexis suggests a temporary affair. Wanting to be with Alexis no matter what, Malcolm agrees, hoping she will change her mind about their future.

As the two struggle to build a relationship around Alexisí cynicism and the persistent presence of Malcolmís possessive former girlfriend, Denise, a disturbing secret about Alexisí Businesswoman of the Year honor is uncovered. This revelation may totally dash the coupleís chance for happiness. Alexis and Malcolm have more to worry about than that one dark secret. Quite a few people are displeased with Alexisí happiness. One of them will do whatever it takes to destroy her.

Youíre at the point where you feel that youíre never going to find the perfect book to read. The one that keeps you up all night because youíre so entranced by the intriguing personalities of the characters and the enticing story line. Donít give up. That book is here, and itís Just For You.

In Just For You, Doreen Rainey has flawlessly written a romance novel so engaging that it is sure to go down as a classic romance. The well-crafted plot is suspenseful and seductive. Just when you think you know whatís going on, Rainey tosses out another clue, and youíre back in a delicious maze from which you really donít want to escape.

The dialogue is unparalleled, and the character development is superb. Alexis is an engaging heroine whose cynical personality manages to inspire both sympathy and humor. She is an original, and in a world too filled with knockoffs, thatís quite an accomplishment. Malcolm is a sturdy handsome knight determined to win his princess. You have to love a man who will give everything up for the woman he loves. The background characters, stars in their own rights, offer readers many enjoyable moments.

This is one book I highly recommend. Whereís the application? Iím signing myself up for membership in the Doreen Rainey fan club.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Natasha.

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