by Jacqueline Navin

January 2003
ISBN: 0-515-13466-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Morgan Gage, the wicked Earl of Waring, is now considered “bad ton”. Accused, imprisoned, then acquitted of the murder of his father, he is now back in England to seek justice. He knows who killed his father, now he just has to prove it.

Leah Brodie is enjoying the season, despite an nfortunate “incident” that could possibly have ruined her reputation and her chances at finding a husband. She is also intrigued and attracted to the mysterious dark haired man she saw at a ball. She never saw his face, but he haunted her. Little does she know that she has just had a glimpse of the man of her dreams.

When a case of mistaken identity brings Leah and Morgan together, the air around them sizzles. Leah soon comes to the realization that she wants Morgan to give her “bliss”, that mysterious feeling that happens between a man and a woman that her cousin Daphne has told her about. Morgan has other plans. An alliance between them to bring Morgan back into society’s fold and to bolster Leah’s reputation gives them ample opportunity to get to know each other better.

While I liked Leah most of the time, there were moments when she just plain got on my nerves. She has a habit of jumping to conclusions and believing the worst about Morgan. However, she is also intelligent, courageous, and passionate. I try to remember that Leah is actually only 19 years old. Morgan has definitely got what it takes to deal with Leah. He is extremely patient and appreciates her enthusiasm and zest for life. I liked the fact that he never tried to change Leah. He took a little too long to declare his feelings for her, but then that is par for the course.

The Bliss was a good book. You know who the villain is from the beginning but the real story is how Morgan plans to catch the killer and beat him at his own game to bring him to justice. The Bliss is the second book in a series about the Brodie sisters. We get to meet the older sister Julia and her husband Raphael who are the hero and heroine of Meet Me at Midnight.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Carolyn.

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