by Shelly Laurenston

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2038-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Weddings arenít common between shifters so when they do happen they are major parties. It is at the wedding of his boss that Mitch Shaw has two revelations: one, the price on his head must be a big one to bring a shifter assassin down on his big lion head; and two, Sissy Mae Smith, his best friend and shit-disturbing companion is hot as hell! When an assassinís bullet nearly ends his life, Sissy Mae drags Mitch to the one place she is sure he will be safe in her hometown of Smithtown. Neither of them foresaw their relationship moving past friendship but whatís a shifter to do when the desire to mate Ė often and with great skillótakes over. Give in, have fun and donít let your new loverís big brother find out, thatís what.

When other males in Sissyís pack come knocking Mitch has no problem scaring them off. The only cloud on the horizon is the trial Mitch soon has to return to Philadelphia for followed by his entering the Witness Protection Program. That is if the assassin on the way to Smithtown doesnít put a stop to that. But nobody threatens Sissy Maeís beau and survives, Ďya hear!

The Mane Attraction returns to hilarious world of the Smith Pack. I canít tell you often enough how precious it is to find a talented author who can make you laugh book after book. With characters you will honestly wish were real you will find it incredibly hard to put this book down. This book will raise your spirits and make you crave more from these crazy shifters and the incredibly talented mind who creates them. Enjoy!

Reviewed in February 2009 by Cynthia.

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