by Jane E. Jones

July 2008
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Holly is a beautiful, poor maiden of twenty-three living with her bitter mother and destitute sisters. For as long as she can remember Holly has been curious about the “Beast” that lived in the castle just above her little village, Shy-verez. She has always felt some sort of connection with him.

Suddenly her life begins to change when she meets a beautiful man named Ristan. He awakens her sexual self with his loving words and soft caresses. It seems she has found her true love and then suddenly she finds out she as been promised to Alexavier Verrada, “the Beast”, by her mother. Shocked and outraged, Holly sees no way for escape. This move will bring her family out of poverty and change her life for ever. But what about her new found love: Ristan? Holly finally meets the “Beast” face to face and is dismayed to find his touch ignites a sexual intensity she had never experienced with Ristan. The more she is around him, Holly begins to realize that his beastly appearance is a far cry from the beauty that lies within his loving heart. Holly also discovers there is a deep dark curse that connects the two men she loves Ristan and Alexavier.

Beauty's Beast is an erotic fairy tale of sorts. It has that “once upon a time” magic with a sexual curve ball. Holly's first sexual encounter with Alexavier will leave you squirming in your seat. This story is okay. There are some gaps in the plot that indicate more detail should have been incorporated within the story. Beauty's Beast will allude to different past situations without giving you the full background details causing one to feel the story is somewhat incomplete or was rushed to its ending. If you like fairy tales with an erotic twist you will enjoy this story.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Lakisha.

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